Toronto star horoscope january 22

Even if another party pushed you to take a stand, you might not feel as authentic as you normally do.

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You could be surprised to feel off kilter. Tonight: Share it with a favourite person. You might want to juggle even more than you already have on your plate. Someone you care about is in tune with your commitments and needs. Stay centred and say what you feel is important. Tonight: Others see you as more proactive than you truly are.

Deal with an issue involving finances. You appreciate different viewpoints, and you'll hear a lot of different perspectives. Still, you understand the importance of making a strong financial decision.

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Tonight: Make merry. Your friendly manner helps melt down another person's resistance. You could be shocked by what you hear. You have plenty of time to consider what has happened. Tonight: Get into one last barbecue! Take your time and do not make snap judgments.

You might have a lot of thoughts running through your mind. Do you know which way is best to go? Weigh the pros and cons first. Tonight: Make plans to meet a friend. Friends surround you and impact your thinking. Do not feel like you have to juggle your time and see others. You might be focused on getting more of what you want.


A friend pushes to have her or his way. Tonight: Find friends first. Expect to take the lead at work or within your group of friends. Pulling away from someone who could be clingy and needy might be necessary for you to flourish. Once you do so, your playfulness emerges, creating excitement and stimulating many good ideas. Tonight: Surprises can happen. Make calls while you can in the a. The pace quickens in the afternoon, and you will want to be supportive and present for a loved one or friend. What emerges from an afternoon discussion leads to unusual success.

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Tonight: Discuss feelings rather than act on them. Assessing your financial situation could make you feel uneasy and sometimes touchy. Later in the day, return calls and return to your normally swift living pace. A boss or older relative shares a lot. Tonight: Stay cool, calm and collected. Curb spending and honour a fast change of pace. Until you arrive at the other end of what is occurring, make no commitments.

You might be surprised at what comes up for you after mulling over recent events. Tonight: Complete an errand on the way home.

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Do not judge yourself harshly even if you feel you are very slow to get started. You need that period. Once the afternoon arrives, you will scarcely have time to think, but you will feel a lot. Tonight: Do not worry. Follow your feelings.

You know when and how to pull back. A meeting in the morning could prove more provocative than you originally thought possible. You might want some extra time to deal with some of the ideas that the meeting spawned. Tonight: Do your thing. Depending on your mood, you react differently to pressure.

Both of you have similar issues but very different solutions. Before you agree to what seem like great terms, consider all that you offer.

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Could you be shortchanging yourself? This agreement should directly reflect what you bring to the table. Tonight: All smiles. You know you are in your element. You know what to do and why. Allow yourself to reflect on who you are and why you make the choices you do. In any case, you need to stay on top of a key matter. Tonight: Expect only positive vibes.

Be willing to take a back seat and not worry too much about what is happening around you. Try to lie back and understand. Everyone involved reflects a different energy. Do not feel the need to participate for now. Tonight: Just observe. You could be unduly emotional as you try to wipe out a problem quickly and easily. Your sense of humour emerges when hanging with friends or in a meeting.

Tap into your long-term desires when making a choice. You know what you want. Tonight: Where the action is. Take a stand if needed.